Banne, High Quality Gadgets Provider.

  • Our Mission

Help you enjoy a new level quality life.

  • Our Work

Provide high quality products with cost-effective price.

  • Our Principia
  1. Only sell the highest quality and cost-effective products in the industry.
  2. Our manufacturers all have cooperation experience with well-known brands.
  3. Meet your personalized requirements.


Banne Timeline

2016.1 —— Banne Established

2016.1 —— Banne Amazon Store Opened

2016.3 —— Research high quality and popular gadget

2017 —— Keep up with market’s tendency, provide innovative product

Now —— Build a reliable quality gadgets provider brand image in the minds of consumers


Our Team

Our team consisted of experts from Alibaba, MadeInChina and Amazon. We are a young energetic team which age range is under 30. But it does’t mean we lack experiences about purchasing and selling. We pride ourselves on quality professional products, excellent customer service and long warranty period.


Banne Culture

  1. High Lifestyle. Let you get more high quality and cost-effective gadgets.
  2. Brave and Courageous. Never stop exploring and adventuring.
  3. Provide the newest and popular products in time.
  4. Timing is everything.
  5. Reliable Supplier. Banne service is 24 hours ready for you.